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AutoGRAPH.NET Service provides different protocols for integration with external systems. Currently we have two protocols for this one: WCF (Windows communication foundation) and JSON for accessing to AutoGRAPH.NET core. Schemas configuration can be changed by AutoGRAPH.NET software. AutoGRAPH.NET Service can be run in two modes: as a console application and as a system service.

AGNetService en.png

Minimal requirements for hardware and software environment

Download links

Last version: 2016.10.19,


Access to our demo service: port 8100 (WCF) or 8300 (JSON), login service-example password 12345678

Load demo configuration DemoCEBIT into AutoGRAPH.Pro: host port 2230, login demo password demo

Console mode

This mode is designed for debugging and testing. Simply run AutoGRAPHNETService.exe in console.

Service mode

The service is installed as system Windows service and working autonomous. Command line for the installation:

sc create AutoGRAPHNETService binPath= "C:\TK\WebMapK\Build-Svc\AutoGRAPHNETService.exe"

 Don't forget space between binPath= and full path  

Working with service


Service methods