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Base methods

Get information from devices

  • GetDevicesInfo – get information about devices in schema
  • GetOnlineInfo – get device(s) last position and last date/time information
  • GetOnlineInfoAll - get device(s) last position and last date/time information (for ALL devices in schema)
  • GetDataRanges – get allowed data files from devices
  • GetTrips – get trips information for specified device(s)
  • GetTripsTotal – get only summary trips information for specified device(s)
  • GetTripTables – get detailed trips information
  • GetTripsCustom – get trips information with custom geofences
  • GetStage – get single stage information of specified device(s)
  • GetTrack – get track information (date/time/coordinates/speed/...) of specified device(s)

Access to properties

  • GetProperties – get property and values list of specified device(s)
  • GetProperty – get single property value of specified device(s)

Run reports

  • EnumReports - get allowed reports
  • GetReports - run reports and download in XML/PDF/DOCX/XLS/.../ZIP-file
  • ExecuteReports - run report asynchronously
  • GetReportsStatus - get report running status (for asynchronous running)
  • CancelReports - cancel report creating

Get information from DDD-files (tachograph card files)


  • GetRoute – calculate route between specified points
  • WaitData - wait for new device data

Also service supports uploading and downloading schemas from. AutoGRAPH.Pro (since 2015.8.6 version) supports working with AutoGRAPH.NET Service. Look here to get additional information.


(C#, .NET 4, Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio Express)

Examples (WCF)

Examples with Powershell (JSON and export different information to CSV)